The Cyber Plant Conservation Network (CPCNet) is a community program that embraces the effort of keeping our rare and diverse fruit tree species available for future generations.


  • To encourage the public in planting indigenous rare fruit trees to make them common and sharing the knowledge on these trees.
  • To engage public participation in an online networking program to conserve Malaysian rare fruit trees and monitor the planted trees through adoption and tracking the tree development.


  • Care and propagate our indigenous fruit trees
  • Provide additional income for forest fringe communities
  • Complement our national trees genebank system
  • Network with civil societies
  • Enhance public appreciation of our indigenous fruit trees
  • Track the wellbeing of our planted fruit trees online

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audrey.percival@gmail.com, 13:50, 2014-04-21: CPCNet booth at Floria Putrajaya 14 -22 June 2014, Precint 4, PUTRAJYA.
audrey.percival@gmail.com, 11:18, 2013-09-09: Meeting with SP Setia on 9th Sept 2013
audrey.percival@gmail.com, 09:39, 2013-06-25: Meeting with Free Tree Society KL (FTSKL) on 25 June 2013
audrey.percival@gmail.com, 09:39, 2013-06-25: Putrajaya Tree Planting on 15th June 2013, 150 indigenous fruit trees were planted in Presint 9, Putrajaya.
audrey.percival@gmail.com, 11:16, 2013-03-28: Seedlings collection @ Tapah Bt.9 on 25 March 2013.